About Us

About Us

Every cell has a story to tell. We can now listen

About KMZ Holdings LLC – Innovations and Leadership

An entrepreneurial company based in the USA, KMZ Holdings goes beyond the molecular to explore innovative yet real-world uses of cloud-based medical diagnostics to benefit the health and lives of people around the world:

  • Under the scientific genius of Nandan Kundetkar, KMZ Holdings has already developed a revolutionary medical diagnosis device, known as the Zeptronic Diagnostics System, that can produce reports in three minutes and does not require any collection or administration of fluids.

Members of the KMZ Holdings management team are highly skilled, experienced, and qualified to take this venture into a successful future:

KMZ Holdings Leadership

Abt 1 - About UsNandan Kundetkar
Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder,
KMZ Holdings

With a passion for technological development, a drive to make a difference, and expertise in system design, implementation and integration of technologies and supporting technical and programmatic derivation, Nandan successfully branched out as a sought-after Design Consultant, Data and Network Security Expert, and Technology Entrepreneur.

Using Cloud-Based Technology, Nandan has provided a game-changing evolution in the world of Medical Diagnostics; after availing a utility patent in India and the USA with PCT protection for global intellectual property protection in System & Methods for Diagnostic Analysis of Human Body Systems, Organs, and Cells. Nandan’s cutting edge research has enabled KMZ Holdings to utilize FEMTO technologies to create a Femto Gold Quad Chip Device (FGQD) to facilitate medical care. By employing an efficient proprietary algorithm, FGQD attempts to bring changes to the cellular level to resolve many pathologies. Nandan identified that since Femto Technology works at a subatomic level, it can improve disease conditions. Thus, it can prove to be vital in providing medical relief to severely sick patients even on ventilators in typically four days. Among a long list of contributions to an assortment of innovations and technological developments, Nandan takes great pride in finding this viable solution to fight the global pandemic.

Other valuable achievements include attaining multiple patent claims in IPTV and broadband media, data security, .Renowned for his exceptional research, Nandan is a Postgraduate in Electronics utilizing his expertise globally in consumer electronic goods, cutting edge technology, and numerous research and development projects. He utilized his expertise and technological knowledge to help numerous manufacturers within the electronics, instrumentation, industrial, automotive, and the consumer goods sector in India, streamline their operations. Through his research and accomplishments, Nandan is at the vanguard of brilliant minds trying to change the world through technology propelling himself to success and an eminently respected expert in the fields of multiple niche technologies including Femto Technology, space sciences, and theoretical physics.

Abt 2 - About UsRick Mainiero
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder,
KMZ Holdings

Rick Mainiero has been a trailblazer and pioneer in the world of entrepreneurship for over a decade.

His powerful persona rings true in the boardroom and in his power plays that connect the dots to forge winning relationships and profitable results.

With his extensive skill set in strategic and operational excellence, as well as a strong ability to identify white space within the consumer industries, Rick co-founded Veil as his first personal venture. He continues to be both an early investor and early adopter of technology at the vanguard of scientific advancement.

His passion for cutting edge technology led to the founding of KMZ Holdings, where the leadership team brings the most cutting-edge research in medical diagnostics and Femto Technology to fruition. The applications for our Femto Technology are nearly endless. From water treatment, to medical therapeutics, to green energy tech and to materials sciences, the commercialization of our Femto Technology will be a game changer on many fronts.

Rick holds a B.A. in Psychology from Yale University.

Abt 3 - About UsSabiha H. Zaveri
Partner, KMZ Holdings

We have created Zeptronic Diagnostics in order to meet every possible Medical requirement and expectation of our medical partners and patients.

It does not matter where you live. There is an international standard for healthcare and we will provide that to you. There are many differences which allows us to stand out from other companies. The most crucial difference is that we have created this brand by observing the needs of the patients and as well as observing the needs of the doctors who treat them.

We are very proud to say that from our establishment until today we have continued to deliver groundbreaking medical solutions and many of which are firsts in the medical sector.

Our vision of giving immense importance to medical research, patient-centered service policy, commitment to medical ethical values and provide the best possible medical resources are irrevocable for our quality standards.

Zeptronic Diagnostics continues to grow and innovate providing services at the cutting edge of technology without compromising our core values.

On a personal note, I am proud and honored to be executing the principles and realizing the vision behind KMZ Holdings and Zeptronic Diagnostics begun by my late husband, Haroon Zaveri.

Wishing you outstanding health,

Sabiha H. Zaveri

Abt 4 - About UsHaroon Zaveri (in memoriam)
Co-Founder, KMZ Holdings

A visionary man who embodied the endless possibilities of science and technology for the human good, Haroon Zaveri was one of the key forces behind KMZ Holdings and Zeptronic Diagnostics.

He is sorely missed, yet his zeal for business, zest for life and kind-hearted spirit lives on within all of us associated with KMZ Holdings.

In memoriam to the man who brought this whole thing together….Thank You, Haroon.