Femto Water

Femto Water

The Power of Femto Technology to Water

FEMTO - Femto Water

With Femto Water, KMZ Holdings harnesses the power of
Femto Technology to water for revolutionary therapeutic purposes.

One area of practical application available now through KMZ Holdings is Femto Water.  The water is exposed to Femto particles at 1Thz to 500Thz range.  The particle technology is at the Femto level which is one million times smaller than a Nano particle.  Putting this in perspective, an atom is 10−10 meters while Femto particles are 10−15meters.  These Femto particles function as sub-atomic robots (Femtites) and are capable of performing multiple tasks and, at the same time, are traveling or resonating within the frequency spectrum aforementioned.  This has massive implications for water.

Femto Water Health Benefits

Our revolutionary Femto Water technology works on a subcellular and subatomic level to ameliorate the body’s genetic anomalies and mutations.

Through our proprietary Femto Technology treatment, our Femto Water offers greater bioavailability of oxygen, better removal of toxins, and produces a polarized environment within the body for numerous health benefits. What makes this treatment so special is that Femto Technology goes beyond water’s cellular level to make it lighter and highly soluble; i.e., better absorbed by the body to both nourish and cleanse it.

What does all this mean for the health benefits of the human body, which is comprised of approximate 2/3 water? Of this, 2/3 of this water is intracellular and 1/3 being extracellular. This consumption of KMZ Holdings’ Femto Water when it reaches the blood changes the property of the blood due to plasma consisting of 92% water. One of the most salient and important points is the quantity of water processed through the human body. For example, in one day, the kidneys process 180 liters of water and returns most of the water to the blood stream with the rest coming out of the body as a part of urination and bowel movements. Then there is the overall body’s handling of water (each individual cell), a turnover of about 80,000 liters a day which moves in both directions through the capillary walls.

Our Femto Water has a lower surface tension, which allows for greater solubility than regular water, and is polarized with a charge having a uniform electrical field. This combination enables the body to absorb more oxygen throughout the entire body at a cellular level, delivering greater hydration than regular water while helping you excrete more toxins from the body. In addition, the low surface tension properties are brought through the entire body on a cellular level. When all cells have integrated this highly bioavailable-charged water, the cells and particularly those that are deficient begin functioning normally.

Cells of the body have an intercommunication capability but, without the proper membrane potential, this communication system is broken. Femto Water can help restore the membrane potential so that this communication can once again occur. Next, what is known as the powerhouse of the cell is the mitochondria. The mitochondria can only perform optimally in the correct membrane potential environment. In its most healthy condition, the mitochondria produce adequate ATP which is done by metabolizing glucose coming into the cell and converting it into energy which is essentially the energy source for the entire body.

This environment also impacts the stem cells and bone marrow which are responsible for T and B cells. T cells are flowing through and not fully matured traveling to the thymus and from the thymus it picks up the information for the its purpose which is to attack foreign objects in the body. Whereas the B cells carry the memory and the information about antigen. Once the T cells have done their job, it pushes the B cells to produce an environment to bring down any infection. Based on the situation the B cells multiply, take the antigen, have the receptor sites to hold the antigen and attack all infections coming around the cell and this can lead to cytokine overwhelming. The immune system helps to a level that more and more oxygen gets made available to the body as hydrogen liberation is easy to take place due to this angle in terms of utilizing the oxygen inside the cell.

Located in the cytoplasm, another benefit of this positive environment for the mitochondria can be seen in the immune system. One very important part is that this polarized blood does break the blood brain barrier due to the low surface tension. It also has an impact on the glucose in the brain. When this is done the pituitary gland acts in the proper manner to regulate dopamine. Consequently, someone who is having a lower release of dopamine this can be significantly mitigated it will normalize dopamine levels as well as endorphin levels which can lead to better mental health. Concurrently melatonin production is enhanced for better sleep and serotonin production is enhanced for better mental health.

Due to surface tension, manipulation seen in Femto Water allows toxins and other deleterious elements pass through the kidney readily and is removed from the body by excretion. In cases where the patient has kidney stones, when the water is consumed it begins to break down the kidney stones and over a period of time it takes outer layers of the stones and starts removal and over a period one can find that the kidney stone is eliminated. Continuous consumption of KMZ Holdings’ Femto Water allows for a positive experience for the entire body as oxidative stress is significantly mitigated and bioavailability of water is dramatically enhanced.

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The Science Behind Femto Water

The H2O bond structure of regular water is two hydrogen atoms each at 104.5 degrees relative to the oxygen atom. This is obviously a stable water molecule. When this natural H2O bond is exposed to Femtites resonating in the terahertz frequency, this effects the H2O molecule at a sub-atomic particle level. When this starts changing this structure at a subatomic particle level, the first thing that happens is it manipulates the angle between the Hydrogen atom, oxygen atom, and hydrogen atom by nearly 40%. In so doing the two hydrogen atoms are now at a 147 degree angle relative to the oxygen atom. This angular change causes the hydrogen atom to become more distant relative to the other hydrogen atom. Compared to regular water, it is easier for hydrogens to be liberated from the oxygen atom. This helps in the general expansion of the water, the surface tension of the water goes down, and lastly a polarization occurs.

If we look at a 3-dimensional image of the hydrogen atoms of Femto Water relative to any location compared to True North, there is a particular aligning of the two hydrogen atoms with the oxygen atom that causes the intermolecular polarization; i.e., it completely polarizes the water. That is, when both the hydrogen atoms and the oxygen atom are aligned and each water molecule is aligned in the same way such that the angles of each of the two hydrogen atoms and the one oxygen atom are parallel to each other in a 3 dimensional view, this results in a matrix of alignment causing this polarization of all water molecules converted to Femto Water. This polarization gives rise to a resultant active charge in the water spectrum and creates a terahertz impact of that frequency. This has tremendous therapeutic value. For example, SARS-CoV-2 cannot survive in a polarized environment of this nature and thus it will kill SARS-CoV-2.

Femto Water’s lower surface tension and polarization properties enable the fluid to be brought through the entire body on a cellular level. For example, a diseased cell infected with a virus or bacteria: when exposed to Femto Water the cells are now within a charge vicinity of the water both intra and extracellularly. That is, normal cells have a membrane potential of 70 millivolts. A diseased cell sees that potential go down substantially to as low as 15-10 millivolts when the cell is underperforming, degenerating, infected, dying, etc.. and illustrating that whatever the etiology that such a low membrane potential is indicating an abnormal cell. In the charged environment the cell gets charged much as a battery is charged until normalcy or 70 millivolts is achieved. When this is achieved the cell begins functioning normally.