Investor Relations

Investor Relations

The KMZ Holdings Story

KMZ Holdings LLC is a Los Angeles, California entrepreneurial R&D firm dedicated to bringing the most cutting-edge cloud-based medical diagnostics and Femto Technology research to real-world fruition.

Under the scientific genius of KMZ Holdings Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer Nandan Kundetkar, the practical medical and therapeutic applications of these KMZ Holdings technologies, including medical diagnostics and intensified water hydration properties, are nearly endless and will be recognized as game changers in many areas that impact the lives and health of people globally.

Zeptronic Diagnostics

KMZ Holdings has developed a revolutionary medical diagnosis device that can produce reports in three minutes and does not require any collection or administration of fluids.

The system works through electronic medical field emission around the human body, and receives data through electromagnetic field reception. The report is then stored in a proprietary, cloud-based system, which produces diagnostic reports of the results.

Through a hierarchical approach of examining each cell, then organ, then system and the interconnectivity among them, a near real-time diagnostic result is provided for the entire body. Call, email, send a text — whatever works for you. We’ll be here!

Funding Initiatives

The management is highly skilled, experienced and qualified to take this venture into a successful future and is seeking funding to introduce this revolutionary device to the world.

Femto Water

Although femtotechnology has been around for several decades, KMZ Holdings has developed a stunning application of subatomic Femto Technology principles to its Femto Water.

KMZ employs its proprietary Femto-based technologies to create a Femto Gold Quad Chip Device (FGQD) to facilitate medical care. Femto Technology works at the genetic, cellular, chromosomal, DNA and amino acid levels. By employing an efficient proprietary system, FGQD attempts to bring changes to the cellular level to resolve many pathologies.

As a result of our extensive R&D research where KMZ identified Femto Technology working at a subatomic level, Femto-based products such as our Femto Water can improve disease conditions.

Funding Initiatives

Because of the highly-anticipated success of Femto Water in the global consumer market, management is seeking funding that offers an unprecedented opportunity to participate in the expansion of our distribution channels around the world.