Zeptronic Diagnostics Features & Benefits

Zeptronic Diagnostics Features & Benefits

Zeptronics Diagnostics - A Game Changer in Medical Diagnostics

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With our innovative medical diagnostics technology system, Zeptronic Diagnostics bypasses the disadvantages and limitations of many current diagnostic tests

Our patented, proprietary, Zeptronic Diagnostics Cloud-Based medical diagnostic technology provides a game-changing evolution in the field of medicine, with the objective to equip health institutions and health professionals with this game-changer of medical diagnostics.

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There are various disadvantages associated with the current method of medical diagnostics, as depicted in the table below.

CystoscopyInvasive test Visualises only intraluminal content
Success rate of 35%-46%
ColonoscopyInvasive test
Visualises only intraluminal content
Success rate of 8.5%-55%
Poppy seed testDoes not provide information on fistula location and type
Transabdominal ultrasonographyDoes not provide more detailed information regarding complexity of a fistula
Ahdominopelvic CTX-ray exposure
Often fails to identify fistulous tract
MRI Expensive
Limited availability
Barium enema X-ray exposure
Barium peritonitis
Visualises only intraluminal content
Detection rate of approximately 30%
Bourne test Does not provide information on fistula location and type
Cystogram X-ray exposure
Low detection rate
Does not provide information on fistula location
Not helpful in case of a complex fistula

On top of these disadvantages, there are also other considerations:

  • Added cost of screening tests and testing equipment.
  • There may be days to weeks of needless worry before the true diagnosis is made. Finally, there is sometimes a real question about the accuracy of results, for which patients must undergo the trauma of testing and waiting for days and hours for the results of their diagnostic.
  • Thus, there is a dire need for accurate, hassle free, quick medical testing of patients.

This need is fulfilled by the Zeptronic Diagnostic testing technology.

In addition to the medical tests mentioned in the table, the Zeptronic Diagnostic testing technology will prove remarkable for testing of CMP, Urinalysis, Glucose, LDL, HDL, and Hepatitis B, as well as virtually any medical diagnostic test that can currently be done.  Should a new test be necessary, additional programming can be done to run the test (e.g., testing for something novel such as SARS-CoV-2).

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Additional Diagnostic Configurations Available – The Possibilities Are Endless

Zeptronic Diagnostics technology is not limited to specific venues or configurations.

Because the probe’s miniaturized components have low energy requirements, here are a few of the many devices and branches of medicine that can be quickly developed and put into use:

  1. The Zeptronic Alert Bracelet provides continuous monitoring for people with chronic conditions, such as hypertension and heart disease. When a person with such a device suffers a heart attack or a stroke, the emergency room can receive a diagnosis about the patient’s condition when the ambulance arrives, and treatment can begin immediately—without having to wait for tests or test results.
  2. The Zeptronic Medevac Ring, issued to soldiers on the battlefield, is equipped with a GPS that can locate casualties within one meter, providing a medical team with information about triaging injuries and providing emergency treatment, allowing doctors, sitting remotely, to assist.

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Zeptronic Diagnostics technology can be adapted for veterinary medicine and animal husbandry as well

Dairy Industry – Injectable Zeptronic probes can monitor every head of a dairy herd for the presence of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease), set to run on regular intervals (such as every five minutes or every hour). If a diseased cow is detected, it can be isolated immediately, preventing the spread to other animals.

Dogs – The Zeptronic Canine probe, firmly attached during the pulse phase of the diagnosis, can provide results based on a database of normal canine values.